The eXtyles family of products provides ideal editorial and XML solutions for journal publishers. eXtyles was designed to clean up, structure, edit, and convert content created in Word by external authors — the kind of content that journal publishing staff work with every day.

eXtyles can be configured to enforce a given journal’s editorial style, greatly reducing copyediting time, and to provide a bridge between editorial and production processes. In particular, eXtyles: 

  • Resolves common Word formatting errors
  • Properly handles symbols and special characters in a wide variety of fonts
  • Imposes a journal’s house style for commonly used terms, abbreviations, and units
  • Automatically copyedits bibliographic references to any preferred editorial style
  • Links references to online databases such as PubMed and CrossRef and can correct references in Word with data retrieved from these resources
  • Checks references against in-text citations, and objects (such as figures and tables) against in-text callouts 
  • Renumbers out-of-order reference citations
  • Creates rich, accurate XML according to the NLM DTD (JATS) or other DTDs or schemas with the click of a mouse

eXtyles products are used in the publication of over 1000 journals worldwide.


eXtyles is a flexible solution, molded to each customer’s editorial style, production requirements, and publishing goals.

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