Workflows & Solutions

Each publisher, publication, and workflow is unique. Inera works with each customer to provide flexible eXtyles solutions, configured to address the organization’s editorial style, XML requirements, and publishing goals.

Editorial Solutions

Most content is created by authors who have limited knowledge of the publication process, and eXtyles was designed with this fact in mind. The author is typically a person wholly concerned with the quality of the content rather than the structure or style of the manuscript, and he or she often peppers documents with extraneous or incorrect formatting, strange fonts, violations of editorial style, and other inadvertent errors. eXtyles normalizes problematic document formatting and style to facilitate copyediting, to streamline the transition to typesetting, and to ensure accurate tagging in the XML.

XML Solutions

eXtyles provides a fast and easy in-house XML solution. All document processing is done in Microsoft Word, and many of the tools designed to ensure rich and accurate tagging in the exported XML (such as identification of in-text citations to references, tables, etc.) have an editorial benefit (such as warning the user about missing references, missing table or figure callouts, and so on). eXtyles can be used to automatically export XML directly from Word according to the NLM DTD (or JATS and BITS, the latest versions of the NLM journal and book DTDs), according to other standard DTDs such as DocBook or TEI, or according to custom, proprietary DTDs and schemas.

Publishing Solutions

Publishers face a rapidly changing industry, and they require fast and reliable processes to drive print, online, and EPUB production. For publishers who wish to maintain tight control over the quality, speed, and cost of publication, eXtyles is a proven solution.


eXtyles is a flexible solution, molded to each customer’s editorial style, production requirements, and publishing goals.

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