• eXtyles User Group Meeting (XUG)

    Online Conference, October 26 and 27, 2022

    The 18th Annual eXtyles User Group Meeting (XUG 2022) will be held online on Wednesday, October 26, and Thursday, October 27.

    Registration is now open!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

  • Welcome | The Year in eXtyles

    An overview of recent Inera and eXtyles developments and where we’re headed

    Elizabeth Blake, Inera

    1:00 pm

  • Customer presentation

    A case study from CFA on re-architecting their BITS XML for richer reuse of content

    Cindy Maisannes, CFA Institute

    2:00 pm

  • Markup Guild: What We Talk About When We Talk About Tags

    Insight into our internal “markup guild”—what we do and what it means

    Joni Dames, Inera

    2:30 pm

  • Break

    2:45 pm

  • Partner presentation

    DTD update: what’s new with JATS, BITS, and STS

    Debbie Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies

    3:00 pm

  • Making Auto-Redact Work for You: Better Living through Enhanced Auto-Redact

    Enhanced Auto-Redact: The first topic in a new Inera webinar series that will highlight specific eXtyles features through a deep-dive on how to use them most effectively

    Jennifer Seifert, Inera

    3:30 pm

  • Partner presentation

    eXtyles+: a new partnership with J&J

    Michael Casp and Brit Stamey, J&J Editorial

    4:00 pm

  • Reception




    4:30 pm

Thursday, October 27, 2022

  • Breakfast social

    9:00 am

  • Creating Tools to Build a More Accessible and Disability-Confident Workplace

    A panel on accessibility and disability inclusion—building guidelines and toolkits for creating an inclusive workplace

    Tzviya Siegman and Christina Volpe, Wiley; Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Inera

    9:30 am

  • eXtyles in the Cloud

    A roadmap presentation on eXtyles in the cloud and what we have planned for the future

    Bill Fox, Inera

    10:30 am

  • Break

    10:45 am

  • eXtyles SI—All the Power, None of the Clicks

    eXtyles on your serverwhat, why, and how? What exactly is a server implementation? Why might this be useful for your organization, and how does it bridge the gap to eXtyles Arc?

    Robin Dunford, Inera

    11:00 am

  • Industry Updates

    The ever-popular session looking at the big picture of industry trends and our role in shaping them

    Bruce Rosenblum, Inera

    11:30 am

Previous XUG Meetings

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