Inera offers the following training courses for eXtyles customers and other publishing organizations.

eXtyles User Training 

eXtyles User Training is a one-and-a-half or two-day practical and hands-on course that covers all aspects of the eXtyles feature set. User training is conducted with a classroom introduction followed by an interactive hands-on session. Class sizes are available for up to six users with one trainer, or up to twelve users with two trainers. Alternatively, additional half-days of training can be added to accommodate additional users with a single trainer. (Note that although the class sizes are fixed for the hands-on sessions, additional attendees are welcome to participate in the lecture-style overview.)

eXtyles Refresher Training

eXtyles Refresher Training is a half-day lecture-style course offered to existing customers who have not received eXtyles User Training in several years or who have newer staff members who have never been formally trained by Inera. Refresher Training focuses on eXtyles best practices and new features, and the flexible agenda can be set according to customer requirements. Inera recommends combining the half-day Refresher Training course with the half-day Word Tips for Editors course.

eXtyles Export Workshop

Many eXtyles users are proficient in MS Word and confidently move through the eXtyles processes that leverage Word functions, such as paragraph styling. But many of those same users pause before pushing the XML Export button, crossing their fingers that there will be no parsing errors that they will be unsure how to resolve. Although you don’t have to be an XML expert to use eXtyles, a clearer understanding of a few key XML principles and how eXtyles collects metadata and applies document structuring in Word to produce XML will help you better understand the export process so you can uncross those fingers.

This half-day, lecture-style course dives into the full eXtyles feature set from an XML perspective. The workshop will empower attendees to better understand how eXtyles processes interact to produce XML from Word. A special focus will be placed on the kinds of problems in Word documents that lead to XML errors, and lots of examples will be presented to help build your troubleshooting skills. Learn how XML puts the X in eXtyles!

eXtyles Administrator Training

eXtyles Administrator Training is a two-day course designed for those organizations that wish to continue eXtyles customization in-house. Designed for non-programmers, Administrator Training allows customers to maintain and expand eXtyles. Administrator Training covers most areas of eXtyles data customization, including:

  • Creation and modification of Auto-Redact rules
  • Creation and modification of paragraph-styling palettes
  • Creation and modification of reference-styling templates 

Administrator Training class sizes are limited to three attendees. Inera requires that administrators be intermediate-to-expert users of Microsoft Word. Editorial experience is strongly recommended. Programming experience is not required.

eXtyles Developer Training

eXtyles Developer Training is a two-day advanced technical course for software developers and IT specialists. This course teaches participants how to utilize eXtyles' powerful API (application programming interface) in order to perform external content processing. Developer Training covers these areas of eXtyles code-level customization:

  • Replacement of the Document Information Dialog with a new DLL that can interface directly with a content management system
  • Creation of new Advanced Processes
  • Development of custom export filters to meet specific DTD requirements

Developer Training class sizes are limited to three attendees. Inera requires that participants have a strong command of Microsoft Word, working knowledge of XML, and expertise with one or more of the following languages: C++, Java, XSLT, Visual Basic, Perl, or OmniMark.

eXtyles Combined Administrator/Developer Training

eXtyles Combined Administrator & Developer Training is a single 3-day course that covers all parts of eXtyles Administrator and Developer Training. It is often the optimal solution for a team of up to three attendees that represent a customer’s editorial, production, and IT departments.

Word Tips for Editors

Even for experienced editors, additional training in Microsoft Word may be helpful. Inera offers Word Tips for Editors, an Inera-developed course specifically designed for the needs of editors. In this course, participants learn tips to help get work done faster and more efficiently by using the powerful, advanced features of Microsoft Word. The curriculum includes customizing Word, shortcuts, document navigation, advanced features in Find and Replace, and editing tables. Word Tips for Editors is a half-day, lecture-style class. Classes accommodate up to 30 participants.