Technical Support


Solutions to common technical issues (e.g., installation errors) can be accessed in the eXtyles FAQ database. For other queries, please contact your Inera support representative at

If possible, please provide the following information when submitting technical support queries:

  • A complete description of the problem, including the eXtyles step at which the problem occurred
  • Your version of Microsoft Windows
  • Your version of Microsoft Word
  • Your eXtyles build number (this can be retrieved by clicking the “About eXtyles” button on the eXtyles ribbon)
  • Any relevant documents, including the working version and any $base or $original files created by eXtyles during processing
  • If you do not have the $original file available, please send us the original Word file prior to activating the document with eXtyles
  • The XML file from eXtyles export if the problem is related to export or the structure of the XML
  • If the XML problem is something other than a parsing error, please copy a fragment of the XML that illustrates the issue along with your description of the issue

Including this information will help us solve your problem, or update your configuration, quickly and efficiently. Thank you!


For Edifix technical support, please visit the support section of the Edifix website.