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eXtyles NLM

In addition to the fully customizable, fully expandable eXtyles product, Inera offers a few “off-the-shelf” versions of eXtyles — preconfigured solutions that each include subsets of the eXtyles tool suite, designed to address particular publishing problems.

eXtyles NLM is one such product. This configuration of eXtyles enables users to create PubMed Central–compliant XML according to the JATS DTD (formerly known as the NLM DTD) directly from Microsoft Word. eXtyles NLM can be used to quickly, easily, and accurately convert most scholarly journal articles from Word to high-quality XML without custom configuration or XML expertise.

eXtyles NLM includes a full set of tools needed to produce rich, accurate XML from Word that meets the standards required for XML deposit with PubMed Central and CrossRef. The suite includes tools to parse journal references, link references to PubMed and CrossRef, and match references to in-text citations. These processes operate within Word and apply the document structuring required to export full-text, valid JATS XML with the click of a mouse.

eXtyles NLM is designed to provide an immediate and cost-effective solution for publishers who need to produce high-quality XML according to JATS/NLM and who wish to do so in-house.

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