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Fully automated JATS XML from unstructured Word content

Many aspects of the article publication workflow have been successfully automated. But one goal has remained elusive: automatically creating high-quality, enriched XML for content that is typically authored in Word, with no meaningful structure and large inconsistencies from one article to the next. Until now, this part of the workflow has required at least some manual labor, often combined with journal-specific customization.

eXtyles Arc is a hands-free solution for intelligent document structuring and conversion to enriched JATS. eXtyles Arc performs sophisticated, fully automated analysis of unstructured Word content to identify document elements and accurately convert them to full-text XML.

Like all eXtyles products, eXtyles Arc is designed to work with the reality of author submissions and doesn’t require authors to use any specialized software, apply any templates, or follow any rigorous formatting requirements. Authors are free to do the jobs they do best—research and writing—while publishing organizations can automatically produce XML more quickly, and at a lower cost, than traditional methods.

eXtyles Arc makes full-text XML available for sophisticated artificial intelligence analysis right from the moment of submission for publishers, preprint servers, and repositories.

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