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eXtyles is Inera’s original and primary software product. eXtyles is a fully configurable and expandable suite of editorial and XML tools that allow publishing staff to work in the familiar Microsoft Word environment, simplifying the time-consuming and error-prone aspects of cleaning up, styling, and editing content. eXtyles enables users to:

  • Mold Word documents into a standard style
  • Automatically edit bibliographic references to a preferred style
  • Link references to PubMed and CrossRef
  • Automatically correct references with PubMed/CrossRef data
  • Check Harvard- or Vancouver-style reference citations
  • Export valid XML from Word (NLM/JATS DTD or other DTDs or schemas)
  • Improve editorial quality and cut production costs

eXtyles is used by journal, book, standard, and government publishers around the world to edit and export content authored in Word. The full suite of editorial and XML tools developed by Inera is available in eXtyles, and each organization that licenses it selects the specific set of features and configuration options that will enable them to achieve their electronic publishing goals.

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