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In addition to the fully customizable, fully expandable eXtyles product, Inera offers a few “off-the-shelf” versions of eXtyles — preconfigured solutions, each including subsets of the eXtyles tool suite, that are designed to address particular publishing problems.

The latest of these products is eXtyles STS, designed for standards publishers adopting NISO STS, the Standards Tag Suite (ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017). Using eXtyles STS, users can create XML according to the STS DTD directly from Microsoft Word. eXtyles STS can be used to quickly, easily, and accurately convert most standards documents from Word to high-quality NISO STS XML without custom configuration or XML expertise.

eXtyles STS includes a full set of tools needed to produce rich, accurate NISO STS XML from Word. The suite includes:

  • Metadata capture and export
  • A full set of paragraph styles in an integrated Word template designed for standards
  • Tools for automatic parsing of references to standards, books, book chapters, journal articles, and conference proceedings
  • In-Line Standards Citation Matching to identify in-line references to other standards by their designations and ensure that normative references are cited in the text
  • Reference and Object Citation Matching to ensure that each bibliographic reference is cited in the document at least once and that each citation has a matching reference; this tool also checks callouts to objects (e.g., figures, tables, boxes, equations, numbered sections)
  • URL Checking to validate web addresses
  • A validating export filter that produces NISO STS XML directly from Word with the click of a mouse

eXtyles STS is designed to provide an immediate and cost-effective solution for standards organizations who need to produce high-quality XML according to NISO STS and choose to produce XML in-house. The eXtyles STS solution can also be customized or expanded to meet the unique needs of your organization. Learn more!



eXtyles is a flexible solution, molded to each customer’s editorial style, production requirements, and publishing goals.

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