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A subset of the eXtyles Arc feature set, eXtyles Metadata Extraction simplifies manuscript submission for journals that use online submission systems. Submission systems that integrate eXtyles Metadata Extraction – such as Aries Systems’ Editorial Manager versions 14.1 and forward– can replace the time-consuming, frustrating, error-prone process of manual metadata entry by submitting authors with seamless behind-the-scenes metadata collection. The video below illustrates how this works in Editorial Manager 14.1:

Manuscript Submission with Xtract in Editorial Manager from Aries Systems Corporation on Vimeo.

When an author uploads their Word manuscript file, eXtyles uses artificial intelligence to analyze the unstructured text in the document; accurately extract the article title, author names, affiliations, abstract, keywords, and bibliographic references; and convert this metadata into richly tagged JATS XML. The submission system can then ingest this XML into its database alongside the manuscript and automatically populate the form fields for these elements. The result is a significantly shorter submission process for authors.

But a quicker, less frustrating submission experience is just the beginning! By accounting for wide variations and inconsistencies in how authors prepare their manuscripts, and accurately identifying and marking up metadata in a broad range of situations, eXtyles Metadata Extraction also improves metadata accuracy. This saves time for editorial office staff, since there is now less need to cross-check and correct metadata later in the production process.

In addition, eXtyles Metadata Extraction helps journals ensure that the XML metadata they submit to organizations such as Crossref is consistent, accurate, and richly tagged, which can improve the discoverability of journal content and help to maintain the integrity of the scholarly communications ecosystem.

The combination of shorter submission times and greater metadata accuracy adds up to a better experience for authors, reviewers, and editorial and production staff, and helps publishers focus on meeting the goals of the Metadata 2020 initiative.

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