With eXtyles, we saw a quick and substantial return on our investment. We’ve not only saved time and improved the quality of our publications; we’ve also significantly cut our production costs.

Anne Vinnicombe

Vice President of Production and Electronic Publishing at Thieme Publishers New York

Setting aside the fact that eXtyles admirably performs as advertised, what I appreciate about the Inera team is that they come through on their promises: deliverables arrive when expected and run as expected. This sets them aside from many other software vendors.

Barry Bergin

Production Manager at American Concrete Institute

We find eXtyles to be an excellent partner because of their dedication to serving their customers.

Chris Hausler

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Typefi Systems

Now that production sees how well the eXtyles conversion works, they wish they had done this years ago!

Jim Bender

XML IT Specialist at the United States Government Printing Office

We're definitely loving the advantage we're getting just straightening out references.

Larry Klein

Production Manager at the American Society for Microbiology

We don’t like to think back to the days when we didn’t have eXtyles for Optics Express production. We’re having great success with the software.

M. Scott Dineen

Director of Editorial Services at the Optical Society of America

Our return on investment in eXtyles is Inera’s commitment to the quality and adaptability of its product, the expertise of its staff, and the sincerity with which that staff interacts with its customers.

Peter Olson

Senior Copyediting Coordinator at Dartmouth Journal Services

eXtyles is the only tool we never consider changing or removing from our workflow.

Rob O'Donnell

Electronic Publishing and Production Director at Rockefeller University Press

It's a pleasure to promote eXtyles, as it really does magic in our documents.

Serge Juillerat

System Specialist at the International Organization for Standardization

People in our production working with eXtyles see something magical.

Sergey Strelkov

Deputy Head of Computer Support, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica

eXtyles User Group Meeting Archive

XUG 2018

The 14th Annual eXtyles User Group Meeting (XUG 2018) was held on Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the Revere Hotel in Boston, MA. Read a summary of the meeting, or click on presentation titles below to access the slides!

Inera presentations:

So... what have we really been up to? Exciting new developments in Inera technology
Elizabeth Blake & Bruce Rosenblum

Support stats: How the eXtyles support team turns your questions into data
Jenny Seifert

Demos and discussion: The latest and greatest in eXtyles and Edifix
The Inera Team

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Guest presentations:

What Exactly Is Between the Covers? Putting Your Books Online
Tom Beyer, PubFactory

Challenges and Opportunities with XML for Standards
Jaclyn Kovach & Kara Laufer Levesque, ASTM Compass

How Does JATS 1.2 (in vote) Differ from JATS 1.1?
Debbie Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies

Bookshelf Evolution: Modelling Order Out of Chaos
Stacy Lathrop, NCBI Bookshelf

Metadata Extraction: Making the Submission Process EasyEasier
Charles O’Connor, Aries Systems

Preprints and Data Repositories: Best Practices for Citation
Peter Olson, Sheridan


XUG 2017

The eXtyles User Group Meeting (XUG) 2017 was held on November 2 and 3 at the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge. Read a summary of the meeting, or click on the links below to access the slide presentations.

Inera Presentations:

Inera Highlights and eXtyles Enhancements
Elizabeth Blake

eXtyles New Feature Demonstrations
Elizabeth Blake and Robin Dunford

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Guest Presentations:

Metadata: How Much More Complicated Can It Get? (Panel discussion)

Turning the Ship: Implementing eXtyles in a Large, Multi-Workflow Organization
Marceline Murawski and Nathan Yates, RTI International


XUG 2016

Inera Presentations:

What's New?
Elizabeth Blake

So What Else Is New?
Jenny Seifert

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Guest Presentations:

Reframing "The Way We've Always Done It"
Karie Kirkpatrick, American Physiological Society

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Kim Breitfelder, IEEE


XUG 2015

Inera Presentations:

eXtyles New Features and Improvements
Elizabeth Blake

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Closing Thoughts
Bruce Rosenblum

FundRef Panel Presentations:

Why FundRef?
Alice Meadows, ORCiD

Acknowledging Funders
Chuck Koscher, CrossRef

FundRef: Making It Work for a Small Publisher (or At Least Trying!)
Rob O'Donnell, Rockefeller University Press

FundRef: Making It Happen
Jennifer Mayfield, Optical Society of America


XUG 2014

Inera Presentations:

Inera Developments and eXtyles Enhancements
Elizabeth Blake

Edifix Update
Melissa-Leigh Gore

eXtyles in the Cloud
Lisa Jiang and Bruce Rosenblum

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Guest Presentations:

ArticleExpress: Designing and Building a Cloud-Based, Collaborative Proof Review and Editing System, Including Integration of Inera’s Edifix
Mike Hepp and Charles O'Connor, Dartmouth Journal Services

Navigating the Maze of EPUB Publishing
Chandi Perera, Typefi Systems


XUG 2013

Inera Presentations:

Inera Developments and eXtyles Enhancements
Elizabeth Blake

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum

Panel on ORCID in Scholarly Publishing Workflows:

About ORCID iDs
Laura Paglione, ORCID

ORCID iDs: From Article Acceptance to Publication
Rebecca Barr, Nature Publishing Group

ORCID: Just a DOI for Authors?
Richard Wynne, Aries Systems

JATS and BITS Presentation:

JATS and BITS Update
Deborah A. Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies


XUG 2012

Inera Presentations:

Inera Developments and eXtyles Enhancements
Elizabeth Blake, Inera

Intro to Schematron
Jonina Dames, Inera

Industry Updates
Bruce Rosenblum, Inera

Guest Presentations:

Single-Source Publishing at the International Organization for Standardization
Serge Juillerat and Laurent Galichet, ISO

Enhanced Automation: eXtyles SI at Dartmouth Journal Services
Steve Haenel and Deb Sargent, DJS

Producing Multilingual Publications at the World Health Organization
Melanie Lauckner, WHO

For more information about XUG, please contact Inera.