What’s new with eXtyles+ORCID: Improved author processing & expanded JATS XML export

In 2016, we announced expanded support for ORCID via the eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite. Since then, our developers have been hard at work on improvements and updates!

Here’s what’s new and improved in 2017…

Diagram of eXtyles ORCID Integration process. Top left: transmittal form with ORCIDs and funding data, author names out of order. Top right: Submitted article file with author names in order, no ORCIDs or funding data. Centre: eXtyles author processing with ORCID synchronization. Bottom: Processed article files with authors in order, ORCIDs and funding info under the hood.

Enhancements to ORCID synchronization in Author Processing and JATS export

eXtyles compares the list of authors in the transmittal file with the list of authors in the Word file during both author processing and JATS XML export. The latest updates have made this comparison much more flexible:

  • The ORCID merge feature now supports multiple authors with the same surname in an author list, provided that they can be uniquely identified via different first initials or first names.
    ➜ This feature helps when long author lists collide with culturally common surnames, particularly as scholarly output from Asia grows (for instance, a manuscript we recently saw with 45 authors, 15 of whom shared the surname “Lee”!).
  • Order of authors in the author list can now differ between the transmittal file and the Word file, provided that each author can still be uniquely identified.
    ➜ This feature helps stop minor discrepancies between transmittal file and article file from slowing down the submission process and introducing errors.
  • Duplication of author names (same name, different authors) is now supported, provided that the order of authors is the same in the transmittal file and the Word file.
    ➜ Yes, you can have two authors named “John Smith” if all the other authors are in the same order in both the transmittal and Word files!

New in JATS XML export

  • Author email addresses included in the transmittal file can now be loaded via the ORCID merge feature and passed through to the exported JATS XML.
  • Author <xref> elements connecting individual authors with individual funding / grants, if included in the transmittal file, can now be loaded via the ORCID merge feature and passed through to the exported JATS XML.
  • Transmittal files using the ScholarOne DTD are now supported.

To learn more about eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite, see our eXtyles ORCID user documentation or contact us at extyles-support@inera.com!