eXtyles SI, new and improved

eXtyles SI—our server implementation of eXtyles—was designed for customers who need to automatically process high volumes of Word files as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like all our software solutions, it’s always on our list for improvements! Here are some of the enhancements we’ve recently made to make your workflow(s) even better.

Integrate dynamic metadata

eXtyles SI now supports metadata imports from an XML transmittal file, such as those generated by popular submission systems. This means you can now dynamically populate document metadata—including merging authors’ ORCID IDs—via a pointer in the manifest file to a separate metadata transmittal file, as well as adding static data.

This streamlined metadata integration saves time, improves metadata accuracy, and allows you to have dynamic information read from outside of the manifest.

Save at any stage

We’ve extended eXtyles SI’s Save Word Document Copy functionality to include optional file name prefix and suffix instead of a static file name, to allow a relative path, or to allow an implicit path to the current Word document’s directory. When processing multiple files with a single manifest, you can now indicate in the manifest that eXtyles SI should save a copy of every Word file at a particular point, adding a predefined prefix or suffix added to the file name (for example, –AR for Auto-Redact) so that the new file won’t overwrite the existing one.

Once processing is complete, you’ll have not only the finished files but also a copy of each file at the requested stage(s).

Detect empty Word documents

eXtyles SI now checks detects when an input Word document is empty and aborts processing, so you can avoid wasting your processing time on empty Word files (and get a head start on figuring out why the document is empty).

Start over if you need to

Mistakes happen! eXtyles SI now supports document and manifest “kill files.” This means that if you start processing the wrong file or discover an error in a manifest, you can stop processing, fix the problem, and start over, rather than wasting processing time waiting for the original run to finish.


For more information on any of these features and improvements, please contact us!