About Inera

Inera is widely recognized as a global leader in publishing technology. Since 1992, Inera’s seasoned team of publishing and software professionals have pooled a unique set of skills to transform publishing workflows.

We develop and license the eXtyles family of Word-based editorial and XML tools and the Edifix online bibliographic reference solution. eXtyles and Edifix allow their users to automate the most time-consuming aspects of document publication. Publishers of scholarly journals and books, standards, and government documents worldwide rely on these software solutions to drive modern electronic and print publication workflows.

Our mission extends beyond world-class software. We actively engage in standards development (NLM/JATS/BITS DTDs), cross-publisher initiatives (CrossRef), and board membership in key organizations (NISO).

Our holistic approach, providing both great software and industry leadership, delivers Inera’s customers and partners unparalleled results.

Executive Team

Irina Golfman, President

Irina Golfman founded Inera in 1992. Ms. Golfman is responsible for strategic planning at Inera, and also leads the product team for Inera’s new Edifix web service. Before founding Inera, Ms. Golfman was Director of Commercial Product Development for Kurzweil Computer Products, a division of Xerox. In that role, she managed the design and development of commercial optical character recognition products for Macintosh, Windows, and Unix.

Prior to Xerox, Ms. Golfman held positions in software development at Wang Laboratories, Linkware, Codex Corporation, and Prime Computer.

Ms. Golfman has spoken at Seybold, Extreme Markup, XML World, and other publishing-related conferences where she specializes in presentations on the design, development, and deployment of XML/SGML systems that meet specific needs and provide a solid return on investment.


Bruce Rosenblum, CEO

Bruce Rosenblum has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing electronic publishing solutions. He heads up all software development activities at Inera, including the design and development of eXtyles. He also consults on the application of XML in publishing and the design of electronic production workflows. He co-authored the JATS/NLM DTD suite and developed the CrossRef Metadata Deposit Schema.

Prior to joining Inera in 1997, Mr. Rosenblum was Vice President of Software Development at Turning Point Software, where he led the design and development of commercial software products for companies such as Microsoft and Word Perfect. Before joining Turning Point in 1984, Mr. Rosenblum designed and developed word processing and typesetting systems for Chinese and the languages of South Asia.

Mr. Rosenblum has spoken at the Council of Science Editors, Society for Scholarly Publishing, NISO Metadata Workshop, JATS-Con, Extreme Markup, and STM International. He served on the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Board of Directors from 2005 to 2013.


Elizabeth Blake, Director of Business Development

Elizabeth Blake joined Inera in 2002. Before joining Inera, Ms. Blake was a Manuscript Editor at the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as a member of NEJM’s Electronic Editing Task Force, which focused on the journal’s transition from a paper to an electronic workflow. Prior to this, she was a Copyeditor and then the Managing Editor of Neuron, published by Cell Press. During her time at Cell Press, Ms. Blake was one of the original beta testers of eXtyles.

Ms. Blake speaks regularly at the Council of Science Editors annual meeting and has over 20 years of experience in scholarly publishing. With her extensive editorial and production expertise, she oversees both sales and implementation to ensure that eXtyles is customized and deployed to optimally meet each organization’s unique requirements.


Bill Fox, Director of Software Development

Bill Fox joined Inera in 2018, bringing 30 years of IT industry experience including successful system deployments in the financial service, government, utility, and online advertising industries. An IT consultant for much of his career, Mr. Fox has worked extensively in database design, business intelligence, project management, performance engineering, document imaging, and software development.

Prior to joining Inera, Mr. Fox was Director of Database Design for Fidelity Investments, where for 10 years he provided architectural guidance and defined the data for Fidelity Asset Management’s master reference and performance measurement systems. Mr. Fox is also a co-patent holder for automatic font kerning software.