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Making Connections: Why You Need DOI Links and How to Get There

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Inera Inc. Announces eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology

February 6, 2018, Belmont, MA, USA — Inera Inc., the leading provider of editorial and XML software for scholarly and technical publishers, today announced the release of eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology, designed to integrate with manuscript submission systems, preprint servers, repositories, and STM production workflows to accurately identify and mark up metadata from unstructured text in author-supplied Word files.  Read More

Standardizing Standards with Inera and Typefi

The full 8-part webinar series "Standardizing Standards: Publishing with STS, eXtyles, and Typefi," featuring experts from Inera, Typefi, and standards organizations such as ISO, is now available!  Read More

Inera/Typefi STS Webinar Series

To celebrate the release of the new NISO STS standard, Typefi and Inera are hosting a weekly webinar series on how you can best leverage STS. Read More

Inside the Past, Present, and Future of JATS with Bruce Rosenblum

The Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) DTD and its predecessors have been the standard for online journal publishing for over a decade—but how much do you know about how that standard came to be? Read More

Inera and Typefi at SSP 2017: The Four Roads to XML

Inera CEO Bruce Rosenblum and Typefi CEO Chandi Perera co-presented "Find Your Path: The Four Roads to XML" at the SSP Annual Meeting in Boston on May 31, 2017. When and where should you introduce XML into your workflow: during authoring, before editing, before composition, or after publication? Attendees learned about the pros and cons of each approach, including publisher case studies with an emphasis on lessons learned from various workflow failures and successes. Read More

Inera and Overleaf – Working Together to Improve the Author Writing Experience

Overleaf, an innovative provider of scientific writing and publishing tools and Inera, provider of the eXtyles and Edifix family of editorial and XML solutions, announce a partnership to improve the author writing experience by helping authors easily structure, correct and then upload and use their bibliographies while writing. Read More

Demystifying JATS & BITS with eXtyles & Typefi

CEO Bruce Rosenblum joined Eric Damitz, Senior Solutions Consultant for Typefi, for a joint presentation in May 2016. Demonstrating an eXtyles-Typefi workflow, Bruce and Eric show how to leverage these complementary solutions to simplify your editorial and publishing processes, dramatically speed up production, and produce quality XML – without any additional effort or XML knowledge.

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Inera and CrossRef Win Top Prize at the NEPCo Awards

We are delighted to announce that Inera, in collaboration with CrossRef, took first place at the New England Publishing Collaboration (NEPCo) Awards on October 21 in Cambridge, MA. The NEPCo Awards highlighted achievements by two or more organizations working as partners, with at least one collaborator having a presence in New England. Inera's submission discussed its 14-year partnership with CrossRef, highlighting the creation of the CrossRef metadata schema, the integration of Inera's automated software testing and CrossRef's quality assurance procedures, and the adoption and expansion of the DOI standard throughout the scholarly publishing community. Congratulations to everyone at Inera and CrossRef for this honor! Read More

Inera and CrossRef Finalists for the NEPCo Awards 2014

Bookbuilders of Boston, a non-profit professional group that serves the needs of New Englanders working in the publishing industry, has announced that Inera, in collaboration with CrossRef, is one of ten finalists for the New England Publishing Collaboration (NEPCo) Awards. The NEPCo Awards will highlight achievements by two or more organizations working as partners, with at least one collaborator having a presence in New England. NEPCo judges will select three winning collaboration projects after the ten finalists describe their projects live on stage in rapid-fire multimedia presentations. Read More