News, Events, and Industry Updates for the Scholarly Publishing Community

eXtyles implements CrossRef retraction warnings

The CrossRef Linking and Reference Correction tools now provide a warning if a reference has a CrossMark record that indicates it has been “retracted,” “withdrawn,” or “removed.”  Read More

New eXtyles Compare to Baseline option

The eXtyles Compare to Baseline dialog now has a radio button selection to allow comparison by word (the default behavior) or by character. This option is available in eXtyles only when running in Word 2007 and later. Read More

Inera releases the eXtyles Metadata Export and Upload modules

eXtyles Metadata Export and Upload Modules are now available for one-button metadata creation and deposit to PubMed and CrossRef. These modules, which appear in eXtyles as additional export filter options, convert eXtyled Word files (via NLM DTD XML) to either PubMed or CrossRef metadata XML. The resulting XML can be automatically uploaded to the respective site(s). For small to medium-sized publishers in particular, these modules provide an easy way to complete important parts of an online publication workflow. Read More

Inera releases the eXtyles NamesforLife Linking module

The eXtyles NamesforLife (N4L) Linking module is now available. N4L Linking automatically identifies biological names in Word documents (currently, validly published names of Bacteria and Archaea at all ranks, from domain to subspecies, as well as names for which a published genome exists; other terminologies are in the works) and provides DOI-based links to the N4L service. Read More