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The History of Sinotype: Inera at #FaceInterface

Did you know that long before joining Inera, CEO Bruce Rosenblum participated in the development of Chinese word processing in the 1980s? Read More

What We Mean When We Talk About Styles and Tags

eXtyles takes advantage of many familiar Word features to help you automate the editing and XML conversion of manuscripts, such as Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. eXtyles relies on the appropriate application of these styles to correctly process your document, so it is important to know the difference between these styles and how they affect your workflow. eXtyles also makes use of Word fields to insert eXtyles Tags, which are displayed as fielded XML tags (e.g., <jrn>). These also play an important role in processing and XML conversion. Read More

What Happens to All those Journal Titles?

There cannot be many eXtyles users who have never encountered this message – “eXtyles does not recognize the journal XYZ (in reference ABC). If this is a valid journal title, please send this reference to and we will add it to the eXtyles journal database.” Many Edifix users will have seen a similar message.

 Read More